I started this Network outreach when I met a sweet little Widow lady. Since, the lose of her spouse things have been tough. She cannot afford to pay big money and physically could not do the things that needed to be done around her home. She is like us all, we have our pride and would like to stay in our home as long as we can. Wouldn’t you? and asking sometime is not easy for some.

Getting older is not easy…and the government is sure not going to help them out much less us.

After, the lose of my grandparents and my own father, it made me realize that I needed to step up and make a difference. I can make the time and I have the talent and resources but, I cannot do this alone.

It does not take allot…just TIME, TALENT and a little sweat to help out. You may even have a friend or a business that can help out with some of the things they may need assistance with. Want You Help?

We have to STAND UP, We have to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I know that if we join together with GOD’s help we can do this.

Want you join me today? For one day we may even be in the same shoes…