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Calling all Volunteers …. We need you help.

Calling all friends and family members.
Need volunteers to help Tidy Up for the Elderly. This time it is for a widowed gentleman on a fixed income. We are going to get his house in shape and ready to sale.

We need people to assist in everything from cleaning the house, yard work , painting, pressure washing and so much more. If we cannot do this for our elderly then what is wrong this picture.

We are starting with Cleaning Next Tuesday. The house is located in Riverdale.

We also, need people to assist with feeding the volunteers lunch and break snacks. I know there are businesses out there that can lend a helping hand.

We are of course getting the media behind us as well….
If you have contacts in that department that would be great. The more publicity we can get out of this the better.

We ask you to be sure and share this with friends and family and together we can make a difference.

Email us at thelookofatlanta@gmail for more details or call us at 770-596-3722 Stan or 404-456-2426 Debi

Call all Volunteers….

It is time to Make a Difference in a Wonderful Widow Gentleman’s life. He is at the point in his life that he needs to move to an assisted living environment. Our bodies reach a point they wear out. He needs to sell his house and we need to step up to the plate and help him get the house in order.

We need Volunteers to help with handyman chores around the house from Painting,  carpet cleaning, cleaning the house, pressure washing , yard work and so much more.  We also, want to make this enjoyable for the Volunteers, we  need assistance in some great meals for lunches and snacks for breaks. I know many of you can cook some great dishes.

I know of some people that have businesses that can also, step up to the plate and help out. We are trying to get as much publicity behind us to get this off the ground to help others in this situation. Together, we can make a difference. One day it could be us or our loved ones.    Want you help out?  I hope God will touch your heart and you will join us to MAKE THIS COME TO BE.

We are starting Tuesday with Cleaning and staging the house. The home is in Riverdale , Ga

A few years ago, I started this with the help of Volunteers for a little Widow Lady that was in the similar boat. Take a look at the link and see what we were able to do for her. I could not have done it without the assistance of those who helped. (thanks again)


Email us for more info at thelookofatlanta@gmail.com  or call us 770-596-3722 (Stan)  or  404-456-2426 (Debi)

This weeks Online Sale…..

Hey everyone and Happy Thursday.

Just wanted to share this with everyone. When we are decorating or  having sales we come across great items that may not sell in the 3 days or while we are out shopping for customers homes or offices. So, we decided to start a ONLINE SALE page.

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This weeks Sale….. It is time to Downsize

This is it… It is time to Downsize. It is priced to Sale.

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Let’s turn back time to the 80’s

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Let’s Turn back time …with this sale.

Customer is moving and so, it all has got to go. 

For all you that are into Creating Shabby Chic pieces or into Retro Decorating this is the Sale for you.

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Moving Sale…. Now Priced to MOVE


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It all has to go….

Hey gang….

We have put together some great pieces from past sales that are still available and don’t want them to get gone before you have a chance to see them.

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