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Deal of Day

Direct from The Fashion office of The Look of Atlanta.  Call today for pricing and orders before they are gone...770-596-3722

Direct from our, “Fashion Office”, envelope hand bags for only $20.00.¬† Order before they are gone email thelookofatlanta@gmail.com. Or call today¬† 770-596-3722


For all you ladies!

For all you ladies looking for an after 5, prom , pageant, informal wedding gown…I now have samples in my showroom at the mart. Sizes from 4 to 8, and can get others sizes from 0 to 24. Just let me know and I can get schedule an appointment.

Have a great and blessed week.

First Widowed Womens Home Renovation

Take a look at what I have had the privilege of doing the last few weeks for a little old Widowed Lady on a fixed income with the help of some great volunteers. We will be having a Yard Party in a few weeks with food and drinks. I need people to volunteer with lawn equipment such as racks, clippers , pressure washer, etc… to Make this happen. Hey, this could be your Mom or Dad in this situation. Want you volunteer a little time? thelookofatlanta@gmail.com

Flowers for our loved ones

I make these everyday so, if you ever need one just give me a shout. Remember I do all types of floral arrangements for all occasions.  thelookofatlanta@gmail.com


It’s been a while…

wow…it has been awhile since I have been in here the holiday season has been wonderful. just finished up a wedding and now back to Christmas beakdown.