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Unpacked More , cleaned out closets, drawers and found so much more…time for the SALE

This is it….  Doors open at 9am tomorrow til 4pm  (Friday  9am to 4pm and Saturday 9am to 3pm)

We will assign number starting at 8:45 am.  Time to blow it out… The more you purchase the better the prices.

Click on the link and we ask as a courtesy, Please share with family and friends


Doors open tomorrow at 9am hope to see you there…

Day one and only 5 to go. Today started off with a bang. It was wait your turn. 

At this sale things are going wild. Tons of great things from the Past to Present. We are adding new things as fast as it is selling. Remember this is a two part sale, it runs next week as well.

Click on the link and take a look. , Hey it never hurts or Cost to just LOOK!


From the Past to the Present Day Sale this week. Starts tomorrow….


t is all about the Present Day but let’s not forget the past.

This sale is full of wonderful things that you will find for all ages. Be sure to click on the link and check things out.
AS a courtesy, we ask that you be sure to share it with family and friends.

As always we hope to see you at the Sale.

Just received another Award

certificate-6 A big shout out to all those that take the time to click on our link and check the sales out. This helps keep us up in ratings. I cannot thank you enough. Hope you will continue to support us.    Thanks again……     Hope you will be at our next sale.

Happy Weekend…..

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We had a wonderful Sale this week. Hate that you may have missed it.  This week a change of pace…  A yard sale… Will post pictures in a day or so.

Just wanted to share an upcoming  sale with some really different things in it that you don’t want to Miss.

Click on the link and take a look…. As always please SHARE with family and friends.










This is it… now somethings are up to 50 to 60% off.

Hey gang….. this is it. Some of the items are now anywhere from 25% off to 60% off. Of course the more you buy the better the price. 

Click on the link. It don’t hurt.


Great Sale going on…. Some items are not up to 25% off

Don’t wait it will be gone. 

It will all be gone before you know it. Don’t wait…. As we sell things, we have been able to move things around and finding more treasures.  Just click on the link and take a look. Remember, with us you can put down a reserve to hold the pieces. Then when you get there you get first right of refusal. You either say, YES or NO, Yes…just pay the balance, Say No, we return your money.

Click on the link and take a look. You might just see something that you cannot live without.

Oh, please share this with friends and family…


Sale starts Tomorrow …..

Time To SALE…..  We have added new pictures

Doors open at 9am tomorrow morning , and you don’t want to miss it. There are tons of wonderful things. It don’t hurt to take a moment and look… ( We don’t charge for looking)

Just click on the link and be sure to share it with friends and family


Rudolph just called…and it is only 88 days away…

rudolph-for-email Just got off the phone with Rudolph.  He asked me if I had started booking for CHRISTMAS INSTALLATIONS. I said, ” it is a little early. ”  Hey as of today it is only 88 Days … it is just around the corner. Time to, “Make It Happen”, email us now or call and let’s get you scheduled for installations and possible breakdowns.   thelookofatlanta@gmail.com  , Phone  770-596-3722

He reminded me that if anyone wanted to add anything, I needed to find out right away to place my orders with SANTA.

To help out this year….anyone that refers us and we sign them for install will receive an reward toward your $ of installation.

We look forward to making your MERRY CHRISTMAS 2016, special.

More great items found today…..

Found more great items as we started staging the house today. More pictures to come…..

Click on to see some of the great items.

Remember you can reserve items before they are gone…call 770-596-3722


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