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Atlanta Immediate Show starts this morning….

So far the week is off and running. The Atlanta Immediate Show starts in just a few. It should be a great show. 

Have a great week and do not forget about the great items that are for sale on our Estate sight and on Facebook The Look of Atlanta Moving Estate Sale.

Have a wonderful week

Great New fun….Auction Items are now online….

Hey gang….

We are now hosting some of the great finds that we come across at a online Auction.  If you would at least click on the link it is greatly appreciated. That helps us get up in ratings and be sure to like us on facebook as well.



Just email us with your Bid  (thelookofatlanta@gmail.com ) or call 770-596-3722

Have a wonderful Weekend.

Happy April to everyone….

Happy April to everyone….

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter.

Things at The Look of Atlanta are on the move. We are on our way to get ready for the Atlanta Apparel Marts, VOW, Bridal show. It will be a great week. Remember to keep on the look out for big things to take place with our Fashion Office. You can get the newest in Formals for that special Cocktail Party , Black Tie event, Homecoming, Pageant, Prom at outstanding prices.

Enjoy your week….

Up to 50% off on some items

Final day…

Doors open at 8 and close at 3pm


Sale…. Sale….Sale

This weeks sale starts Thursday

Click on the link and see the new items. It all has to go


This is the WEEK

That is right…. This WEEK another great sale. Everything has to go quickly.

If you have not clicked on the link check it out. Be sure to share this with your friends and family.

This could be the WEEK you find what your looking for….


This is the week… BIG SALE

In just a few days we are holding a TOP quality furniture sale. This homeowner is moving and the furnishings are outstanding in condition and style. Click on the link and check out the great items.

It all has to go and note we have extended hours to make it easier. Remember you can now reserve pieces. All info is on the link. Be sure to share this with friends and family.



Happy Thursday….Friday is just around the corner.

I just wanted to make sure you mark your calendars  for the next big Sale.

If you can just take a minute to click on the link and take a look that is appreciated. Also, be sure to share this with friends and family.

I have added more pictures of great items. Everything must go and the quality of these items are above average condition. Don’t forget you can call and reserve items…at 770-596-3722 Details are on the link.

Have a super day.


Moving …that is right it all has to go.


It is time to get the year started. Here it is another great sale. I hope that you will take a look …it never hurts to look. Everything must go and note that I have different hours on this sale. Also, you now can purchase on reserve. All you have to do ,  look at that the pictures write down the picture number, then call us for the details. We then will tell you the condition and price. You can decide to put down a deposit or not. If so, you put deposit on it, make arrangements to see it asap to get first right to make your decision. Then it is simple as you pay the balance or we refund you the deposit (not the service charge of 3%)


Another great Sale

That is right…

Another great sale where everything has to go.  (More pictures will be loaded in the next few days)

Now you can buy online. All you have to do is click on the link. The Call us with the picture number, then we tell you the condition of the items and price. You then can place a deposit to reserve the piece. When you arrive you either pay the balance or we refund the deposit.

Be sure to share this with your friend.