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2017 has begun

2017 has begun and time to leave the past in the past. We have to live in the Now. Focusing on the moment keeping the positive energy flowing. Learn to turn negative energy into positive energy. Never look at the glass half full. We all tend to do this… when you see or feel this happening… sing to yourself…” Let it go, let it go…” Don’t let it consume or drain your spirit.

Keep the Faith



Just wanted to share this….

Dear Stan,

  I wanted you to know about me finding the “Red Bird” on my Christmas tree.  I just found out this week, so for weeks I have been trying to figure out HOW it is on the tree without me knowing about it.  Cooper told me that you put it there when you decorated.  I was so moved when I found it the one morning.  I saw it as the perfect GOD time and it was a gift that you had no idea you gave me.  Thank you my friend.  I love your tender heart and how you love The Lord.
Love you,
 Stan came to put the Christmas tree up on Monday. It’s beautiful!  On Wednesday morning I was having my quiet time.. praying and reading my Bible. I was already thanking God for the example Mama left us, for all her prayer time spent praying for all of us. 
And I looked up and saw a “Red cardinal” ornament on my tree. BUT I have never ever seen that ornament before!  Ever!  It was not an expensive ornament but a simple paper-Mache type that would came from the Dollar Store (which would be so fitting since she loved the Dollar Store). There is was… there was God giving me a gift of remembering Mama. I was so moved and totally amazed…and thankful for this gift this morning!! I miss her so much and maybe The Lord was telling me it’s OK to miss her. 

2017 is here…

Let the New Year be a new beginning. Let the past go,.. it is the past. We cannot change it so, don’t dwell on it. Live in the Now!

Best wishes for you in 2017, with love, light, energy, prosperity and blessings from above.

Happy New Year

Well…2016 has come to and end.

Another year has come and gone. Allot has taken place. We have lost friends and family members, some of us retired or new jobs, divorced or married, moved and so much more. Look back and be grateful, even if it was not exactly how you wanted it to be. It happened and you have learned from it. It is the past. It is time to as the famous kids song says, “Let it go, let it go…”

2017 is a new beginning, let’s live in the Now. It is a fresh start. Make the best of it! Life is short.

May you New Year be Blessed and full and prosperous.   And so it is…

Still packing up Christmas …

Still busy packing up Christmas.

Gearing up for the New Year with big Celebration parties. Want to wish everyone a Blessed  and prosperous New Year.

Be safe

It’s Christmas Eve Day

Merry Christmas Eve everyone.  House is ready… Time to get ready for Christmas Eve service with family this afternoon then a nice dinner with family. Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas Eve.


Here we are 2 days to go…

Well gang in just 2 days we all Celebrate Jesus’ Birthday.  How great is that. I am so grateful to him … No gift could be greater.

Thank you God.

Today that is all I can say. Just be safe and let his light shine in you.

3 more Days…

Well, finished my last of Christmas Decorations about midnight last night. Now, just finish up with last customer and then off and running for last minute groceries. We try to plan and plan but we always forget a few things.

Now, I know why I start so early putting my personal Christmas up. We started Halloween day with a few things and then hit it hard the next morning and boy was that worth it. You come home turn on the TV and just the tree and it is so soothing. To think that in three days we get together with family and friends and it is all over.  I know…I know putting it up early is crazy for some of you. Mine goes up but we do not light everything up till Thanksgiving Night.  But it was not stressful and for us…We can enjoy it so much more. We try to make it last as long as possible.

It is such a shame how the people come together this time of year with big hearts and give…But what happens to the overwhelming giving the rest of the Year?

Let’s make it a New Year’s resolution…Our heart’s be more giving all year long.

God Bless and Merry Christmas

Only 5 more Shopping Days

Happy Tuesday…(take a moment and read)

Yes, only 5 more Shopping days. That being said. Let’s don’t forget it is so much more than that.

It is time for family and friends to come together. It is not about the shopping, it is not about all the decorating, the man in the red and white suit or the  preparing of good food. It is about bringing our family, friends and our Nation together in Celebration of Jesus birth.

For this, I am grateful. Don’t get me wrong, We all know I love all the decorations. My joy comes from what it does to the hearts of us all. It is the one time of year all our hearts are touched. Even those that say they don’t care about it (it must, it hits a nerve) why…? Because it is about LOVE. It represents LOVE , God’s Love. No matter what people say.

So, yes… I am proud. God gave me and my team the talent to do this for people. We get the up front chance to share his love in hearts in many places. Yes, that tree, that ornament, that man in the red suit. It all triggers deep within …the gift of love.

Thank you GOD, for my gift and I pray yours. Happy Birthday Jesus.

So, I say…Merry Christmas to all and may your New Year be blessed.

See you all in 2017

Time to …Remember The Reason for the Season

Hello all…

Well, the Reason for the Season is now upon us. It has been busy and we are still at it. Burning the candle at both ends with Early Morning’s and Late nights  has been worth it. We are grateful to have been able to create and spread some Christmas cheer.  Thanks to all that allowed us to bring this Magic into your home’s and offices.

As For us, it is Time to change the pace  a little for a Wedding in Alabama this weekend. Then it is back to more Holiday fun.

Be sure to Watch for our online Christmas Catalog coming soon, where you can buy some great items at affordable prices  for next year’s Christmas and Holiday celebration.

We will keep you updated on great Deals and Sales we have through out this up coming year.

From all of us at, The Look of Atlanta, 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Be safe and prosper in 2017…God Be with you.


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