3 more Days…

Well, finished my last of Christmas Decorations about midnight last night. Now, just finish up with last customer and then off and running for last minute groceries. We try to plan and plan but we always forget a few things.

Now, I know why I start so early putting my personal Christmas up. We started Halloween day with a few things and then hit it hard the next morning and boy was that worth it. You come home turn on the TV and just the tree and it is so soothing. To think that in three days we get together with family and friends and it is all over.  I know…I know putting it up early is crazy for some of you. Mine goes up but we do not light everything up till Thanksgiving Night.  But it was not stressful and for us…We can enjoy it so much more. We try to make it last as long as possible.

It is such a shame how the people come together this time of year with big hearts and give…But what happens to the overwhelming giving the rest of the Year?

Let’s make it a New Year’s resolution…Our heart’s be more giving all year long.

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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