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Dear Stan,

  I wanted you to know about me finding the “Red Bird” on my Christmas tree.  I just found out this week, so for weeks I have been trying to figure out HOW it is on the tree without me knowing about it.  Cooper told me that you put it there when you decorated.  I was so moved when I found it the one morning.  I saw it as the perfect GOD time and it was a gift that you had no idea you gave me.  Thank you my friend.  I love your tender heart and how you love The Lord.
Love you,
 Stan came to put the Christmas tree up on Monday. It’s beautiful!  On Wednesday morning I was having my quiet time.. praying and reading my Bible. I was already thanking God for the example Mama left us, for all her prayer time spent praying for all of us. 
And I looked up and saw a “Red cardinal” ornament on my tree. BUT I have never ever seen that ornament before!  Ever!  It was not an expensive ornament but a simple paper-Mache type that would came from the Dollar Store (which would be so fitting since she loved the Dollar Store). There is was… there was God giving me a gift of remembering Mama. I was so moved and totally amazed…and thankful for this gift this morning!! I miss her so much and maybe The Lord was telling me it’s OK to miss her. 

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