Moving? Estate Sale?

“ Get More for Your Money”

Estate / Moving sales get you

75% More

$$Money $$

Than Yardsales / Garage sales


Doc from Fayetteville, Ga. says, Many thanks to The Look of Atlanta for selling all of my treasures, trinkets, and “trash.” Stan and his fabulous co-workers were able to empty my nearly 4,000 sq. ft. house with six garages in only two weekends by hosting a yard sale and moving sale. Well done!!

Dave from Nashville, Tn. says, Thanks to the team at The Look of Atlanta, Hats off to their team. Being out of town getting rid of my mother’s things would have never worked. ( my mother was a hoarder, and your could not even walk through the basement, but they handled it all)) That being said, We got more $$$ for our money than doing a yard sale. Five Stars to them.

Kaye from Mcdonough says, Wow, Wow Wow. I am thrilled to tell everyone what an Outstanding Job, The Look of Atlanta did for us. We listed our house 6,300 sq. ft. on the golf course and sold it in 3 days with no where to go. Stan and his team made it happen. We are grateful. I have recommended them several times and ended up even hiring them again to decorate our New Home and my mother’s moving sale. I give them an A Plus!

Vicki from Lake Dow, Mcdonough, Ga. says, You will not go wrong with hiring these guys. They did my mother’s home after her passing. Then helped us downsize from 3900 sq. ft. home to 2300 sq. ft. I just hired them again to get rid of everything after my divorce. I have recommended them and will keep them on my favorite phone list. Believe me you will be happy with their professional service.

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