Call all Photographers…in Chattahoochee Hills, Area

Calling Photographers….

Some of your may know that I am a full service Wedding Planning, Event and Decorating Company that has been in business for 38 years. I am looking for #Photographers that do not shoot carbon copy shots. Ones that can think outside the box to add to our referral list. This shoot must take place within the next couple of weeks. Hoping to do it just as the dogwoods bloom out.

Well, it starts like this… I am not interested in seeing what you have already photoshopped. I am after the raw goods, I want to see your photo eye.  I use to be a photographer back in the day. I have worked with photographers from coast to coast and with modern technology even a bad photographer can create some great final copies.

I am putting together a photo shoot at our  NEW, Wedding Venue. It is a Meadow and Wooded area. You will be shooting a couple models in Bridal and Western Wear.  I need a photographer to do a shoot at this location. We want to see the untouched copy and the photo shop copy. 

Then you might say, it is like an interview/contest. We will then pick from what you submit. If you are chosen your Photo’s will become advertising property of  The Look of Atlanta. (creates will be given to you). We will list you as our preferred photographer for both Weddings and all our different Events.  Also, your PHOTO’s may become Advertising for the Clothing sponsors (this you will be somehow compensated for with credits and $$)

Submit your info to us today to be prequalified. We are limiting this shoot to only 3 photographers.

Email:  thelookofatlanta@gmail .com today. Please attach any links to see your work so we can pick our top 3 contenders.

Best of luck!

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